Partner with RHP

Regional Housing Partnership LLC provides tenant-based rental assistance through HUD funding. This program is different from Section 8 in that the landlord is not held to the stringent guidelines of the Section 8 program.

In addition, RHP owns several properties in the Charlotte area providing working class families with affordable housing.

What is the Difference?

Our clients are eligible for a voucher or opportunity to rent one of our properties if they meet the qualifications and income guidelines. Clients may have blemishes on their credit history and / or criminal history, but we provide supportive services to assist with their success.

How Do We Work Towards a Successful Rental Relationship?

Supportive services are included with our housing vouchers and include monthly home visits working with the landlord and tenant to address any tenant issues and maintaining an ongoing relationship with the landlords. The housing assistance payments come directly from Regional Housing Partnership, and the clients are responsible for a percentage of their rent.

If you’re a landlord interested in partnering with RHP, please contact Leorian Grant at 704-323-0151 or

If you’re a Section 3 business interested in partnering with RHP, please click here to learn more.

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